There are three ways of becoming a member of Scripture Union of Tanzania:

Scripture Union Reader

Anyone who regularly uses a Scripture Union Bible study guide for daily Bible reading is one of many Christians in Tanzania who are also reading their Bibles with Scripture Union guides. All such readers are considered by the Scripture Union Council to be Scripture Union members.

Apart from spending time in daily Bible study and prayer, Scripture Union Readers are requested to pray for the various Scripture Union activities, especially the camps and conferences for young people, and for the Scripture Union leaders – the staff and council members and camp and conference leaders.

Scripture Union Volunteer

Anyone who assists as a leader or helper in any of Scripture Union’s various activities, whether it be helping with a camp, a conference, preparing Bible study guides, serving on a committee or anything else, is considered to be a Scripture Union member.

Scripture Union Financial Supporter

Anyone who makes financial donations to Scripture Union is considered to be a Scripture Union member.

To learn more about SU Bible study guides, click onĀ Publications.

If you would like to help Scripture Union as a volunteer or financial supporter, please contact the staff in Dar es Salaam or Imbaseni, Arusha.